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Triple Score Bopzee is an expanded version of the classic Yatzy game played around the world. It’s the 5-dice game with poker scoring.

Three scoring columns instead of the usual one column make it more fun because there’s a good balance of luck and strategy. The goal of the game is to get the highest score.

New and Improved

  1. Released December 24, 2015 as an HTML5 Web App.
  2. Works on any modern web browser: desktop or mobile.

Player Options

  1. Play with a friend or play alone for personal best score.
  2. English or Spanish mode.

Quick Start and Faster Play

  1. Brief instructions allow players to get to the game right away.
  2. Dice domes and bop button eliminate tedious dice rolling.
  3. Feedback display shows the progress of each player’s turn.


  1. Colorful retro – 1970s theme.
  2. Realistic 3D rolling dice and domes.
  3. Scoring a Bopzee triggers a delightful animation.
  4. Pleasant sound effects.

Helpful Scoring Features

  1. Classic score pad for visualizing strategy.
  2. Automatic score calculations for faster play.
  3. Scoring Instructions overlay access during a game in progress.
  4. Undo button lets a player change a score during each turn.
  5. High Scores screen displays your top ten scores.